Two-Way Street

And Now for Something Completely Different: NetNet


If you're a regular reader of our site, or even just a time-to-time reader, you've probably bumped into the byline over the last few months: John Carney.

Well, prepare for Carney unleashed. We're officially launching a section dedicated to his type of disruptive coverage: NetNet. Here's where you will find the inside dope about the characters on Wall Street. You'll find insider stories, trader gossip, and various tales of the foibles of the moneyed crowd. You'll also get some pretty sharp commentary about what's happening in the financial world and how the pinstripe elite is likely to profit off it.

John Carney
Photo: Oliver Quillia

Will this section be for everyone? No. It's definitely aimed at a Wall Street crowd—those truly focused on the machinations in the banks and brokerages. (If you think "contango" is a breakfast drink, you may want to skip it). But thanks to the Internet more and more of this type of information, usually filtered through hard-charging niche blogs, is gaining attention on a day-to-day basis. It's what a certain hard-core set of financial readers and power brokers want. News organizations ignore what readers want at their peril.

And so we bring you NetNet, and John, with his Dealbreaker chops and experience as a lawyer, is exactly the guy to do it. He will be providing material from himself and a team of CNBC contributors. In addition, he'll be pointing out items of interest from various corners of the financial Web. We actually "soft-launched" a little early (which some savvy blogs noted) to make sure there weren't any hiccups, so there is already a bunch of posts to check out. We hope you ... well, at least some of you ... enjoy it.