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Warren Buffett Resumes Sales of Moody's After Stock Price Rebounds


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has resumed sales of Moody's shares as the credit rating agency's stock price tops $25.

That's a rebound from June lows that took the stock under $19.

Berkshire has been unloading slices of its Moody's position since last summer, but hasn't revealed any sales since March, when the stock was above $30.

According to an SEC filing, a total of 1,350,550 shares were sold for $33.98 million over three trading days ending yesterday (Tuesday).  Average selling price: $25.16.

That brings Berkshire's stake in Moody's down to 12.56 percent from 13 percent in March.  It had a 20 percent stake before beginning sales in July, 2009.

Even after all the sales, however, Berkshire is still Moody's largest shareholder.  But with 29.4 million shares, Berkshire's stake is just 2.6 million shares more than the 26.8 million shares held by Capital Research Global Investors as of the end of June.

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