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Hurd on the Call

Mark Hurd
Source: HP

Mark Hurd, the former HP CEO who signed on last week as a co-president at Oracle, is scheduled to be on Oracle's Q1 earnings conference call this afternoon, CNBC has confirmed.

By putting Hurd on the call, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is clearly signaling his intent to have Hurd get to work leading the software giant's sales and marketing machine.

He's also sending a not-so-subtle message that he's not too worried by the lawsuit HP filed the same day Oracle announced Hurd's new job. HP claims that by joining Oracle, Hurd will inevitably disclose HP trade secrets he is still contractually obligated to protect.

The analyst call isn't Hurd's only scheduled appearance as an Oracle executive; he's now on the agenda for a Monday keynote at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, the company's annual showcase.

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Wall Street is looking for Oracle to report earnings of 37 cents per share on $7.27 billion in revenues for the most recent quarter.

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