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1. Boston Beer Co.

Annual sales: 1,841,348 barrels
Share of segment: 20.20%
Change in share: -1.21%

The largest craft brewery in the country is the Boston Beer Company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Known best for their Samuel Adams brand, the brewery also produces a wide range and diversity of beer. Although the most popular brew is their Boston Lager, the company is also popular for their seasonals and specialty beers, such as the high priced Utopias, which contains 27% alcohol by volume and is aged over 16 years.

Following the acquisition of Anheuser-Busch by InBev, the Boston Beer Company is the largest American-owned brewery, producing over 1.8 million barrels annually. The company was founded by Jim Koch, who based the original recipe on his ancestor's pre-prohibition formula.

Photo: Don LaVange