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10. Harpoon Brewery

Annual sales: 130,516 barrels
Share of segment: 1.43%
Change in share: +0.05%

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Harpoon Brewery is known best for its India Pale Ale, but also has a range of beers, including award-winning Munich Dark, 1636 brew and four seasonal beers. In 2000, Harpoon also acquired a Catamount Brewery plant in Windsor, Vermont, which increased the brewery’s capacity by 55,000 barrels per year.

Harpoon is also a staple in Boston culture, hosting three annual festivals - St Patricks Day, Summer BBQ and Octoberfest - which draw large crowds to the brewery. Harpoon also used to produce non-alcoholic beverages, such as root beer and creme soda, but ceased production to focus on its main staple, beer.

Photo: Aaron Gustafson