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The Richest Members of Congress

Recently, the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call analyzed the financial assets of U.S. lawmakers — annual disclosures they are required to make — to determine the members of the US Congress that have the highest approximate net worth.

Although these Congressional disclosures are not exact — they are displayed in a range of estimated value over broad categories — Roll Call, a Capitol Hill news and information provider, analyzed the assets and liabilities of every US representative and senator to come up with the 50 richest members of Congress. The 15 richest members are presented here.

Because assets are listed over wide ranges, such as “between $5 million and $25 million,” minimum net worth gives an idea of the lowest possible value of real assets, while actual net worth, in most cases, is likely much higher.

Assets may include non-government income, asset transactions, spouse's income, gifts and more. Listing of non-income generating property (including a primary residence) is not required under disclosure rules. Assets listed were held by members of Congress in 2009.

So, who are the richest members of the U.S. Congress this year? Click ahead to find out!

Posted 21 Sept 2010

Source: Roll Call || Photo: Steve Allen | Brand X Pictures | Getty Images