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Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Lindsey Lohan Settles Her 'Milkaholic' Court Case With E*Trade


Our girl Lindsay has had it rough these days. All that boozing and playing has put her in a bit of trouble lately.

Lindsay Lohan's booking photo.
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But the once envied celebrity recently won a small victory, at least to a degree.

Lohan has finally settled her lawsuit with E*Trade Financial  over a commercial the company aired that Lohan said invaded her privacy.

Lohan filed suit against E*Trade in early March for $100 million (at least we know she still knows how to set goals), and alleged that the baby girl featured in the commercial, who was referred to as a "milkaholic" and named Lindsay, was based off of herself.

The official complaint reads:

The defendants, by knowingly using likeness of plantiff's name, characterization, and personality for advertising purposes, and for purposes of trade and commercial benefits was without consent, written or oral, of plantiff or anyone authorized by her to give such consent, was entirely unauthorized, and constitutes a violation of plantiff's right of privacy.

If that seems ridiculous to you, you aren't alone. But Lohan's lawyers actually made a half-decent argument. DealBreaker's Bess Levin explained the Lohan case:

Lohan’s lawyers responded that the issue isn’t “how many people in the USA are with the name ‘Lindsay’,” the issue was “how many celebrities are with this name ‘Lindsay’ in the USA, and then in the context, manner, characterization, persona.” For instance, when you take the name “Tiger” and put it in the context of golf or proclivity skanky ass bitches, it’s obvious you’re talking about Tiger Woods. To that end, it’s apparently patently obvious that when you have the name “Lindsay” in the context of an alcoholic “bimbus” (the lawyer’s words), we’re talking about Lindsay Lohan.

Terms of the settlement were not immediatley available, according to Reuters. But it seems unlikely that E*Trade paid any substantial amount out to Lohan. Most likely, they just agreed to stop airing the commercial.

TMZ, however, says that "Lindsay's team is 'very happy' with the results ... and sources say Lindsay got some cash out of it."

So that happened.

Check out E*Trade's Commercial.

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