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Squawk on the Street

What's On: Earnings, Dow 11,000, Employment


Here's what's up on Tueday's Squawk on the Street:

--Earnings start trickling in. Autozone, Carnival and ConAgra our on our watchlist this morning, we're talking to analysts who cover these names, see if the stocks are right for you.

--The Dow's starting to get close to 11,000 again. This morning we're naming the stocks in the Dow 30 that still have room to run.  Stocks like General Electric, Caterpillar, DuPont, Microsoft, Intel, Home Depot and Coca-Cola to name a few.

--Employment expert John Challenger is here to tell us where the hiring situation will go as we close in on the Christmas season.

--And our Street Poll asks where you think the economy will stand in November 2012, that of course is the next Presidential Election. Share your opinion and watch Squawk on the Street at 9am eastern only on CNBC.