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AOL's Tim Armstrong: Bullish on Devil Ads


We caught up with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong at Advertising Weekwhere he's pitching his new "Devil Ads" platform.

The new Devil ads are bigger and more interactive, with more video —Armstrong says he expects them to be far more effective.

Is this enough to turn AOL around? No, that alone isn't, but it's a crucial piece of the company's plan to compete with Google and Facebook.

Ad spending is coming back and marketers are shifting more of their spending online, says Armstrong, who's just returned from meetings with 40 of his advertisers.

AOL's New Ad Strategy

Armstrong tells us that the recession created a year hiatus of sorts on spending - now that hiatus has ended and marketers are trying to figure out how to allocate their dollars.

Armstrong doesn't deny that competition is tough, but AOL is trying to distinguish itself as focusing on its area of strength- interactive ads on branded content. And Google isn't just a rival, it's also a partner — the two companies just renewed their search deal, expanding it to mobile, which Armstrong says will be "huge."

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