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These Large-Caps Will See Continued Growth: Stock Picker


Stocks edged lower Monday, following a four-week winning streak for the markets. Where should investors look to put their money? Patrick Becker, principal at Becker Capital Management, and Bob Auer, portfolio manager at Auer Growth Fund, discussed their insights.

The Early Tick: Markets

“We look for fast-growing companies that we can buy on low P/E,” Auer told CNBC.

Auer said he favors Marathon Oil and Gammon Gold.

In the meantime, Becker said investors should look into the large-cap stocks, such as Microsoft .

“It’s a global economy and these companies—whether the U.S. is stuck in a slow-growth trade for a number of years—will see growth in China and around the world,” he explained.

Becker also likes Intel , Verizon and ConocoPhillips .

Scorecard—What They Said:

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