Women 'Getting Bigger and Living Longer': Maidenform CEO


A 30 percent sales increase over the last year is due to a "laser-focus on product,” including the growing line of "shapewear," Maurice Reznik, the CEO of Maidenform, told CNBC Tuesday.

Reznik said the average American woman buys between five and six new bras a year. What convinces her to buy, says Reznik, are undergarments that make her look better.

One such line is called shapewear, which are girdles that don't show underwear lines on outer clothing.

Maidenform CEO on State of Retail

Reznik, who was Maidenform’s president from 2004, became CEO and director two years ago.

“We see shapewear growing at a faster rate. Two out of 10 women wear it,” said Reznik. “They [women] are getting bigger and living longer.”