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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

How The Other Half Lives: Dog Thief Hookers And Socialism


Just in case you are wondering what our local socialists have been doing lately, we've decided to bring you this update from the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn, New York.


It seems that one of the Co-op's member-owners had his dog stolen. By a women in a skimpy, sparkly dress. And then somebody else came by and stuck a note to it that reads: "“I hired a hooker and she stole my dog!!!! Waahhhh!!!” (via Racked)

It's like commenting on a blog, but for fliers. That must be something socialists do.

Incidentally, the Park Slopers are amazingly efficient socialists. The Co-op had $6,500 of sales per square foot last year, according to Fortune. Compare that with, say, Trader Joe's, which averages just $1,700 of sales per square foot. Total sales last year: $39.4 million.