Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Meet the new face of Goldman Sachs: “Steve”


Sure, Goldman Sachs is a premier investment bank with a market cap of over $75 billion and employs some of the smartest people on Wall Street — but Goldman understands The Folks. Especially blue collar folks.  Just ask “Steve.”

Source: Goldman Sachs

“Steve” is a blue collar guy — literally. He wears a chambray work shirt with his name stitched above the pocket. And he has a goatee.

“Steve” also graces the front page of Goldman Sachs’s website.

Sadly, an internet search revealed no SEC filings for Goldman Sachs associated with the name “Steve.” When asked about "Steve's" relationship to the firm — Is he a Goldman Sachs employee or a client?  — a Goldman executive familiar with the website had no comment.