Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Bernanke Paradox


Bernanke Paradox: ( Fed chief says Federal Budget unsustainable over long-term; short-term premature fiscal tightening puts recovery at risk

Defining success down: (Wall Street Journal) Investment banks face structural changes to profitability

Flash Crash: (Wall Street Journal) Some criticize SEC report’s narrow focus; suggest broader sources of trouble

Obama signals willingness to lower corporate tax rate — but insists plan must be “revenue neutral” (Financial Times)

Soc Gen rogue trader gets three years in prison (New York Times)

Japan cuts rates to zero, begins QE (

Europe presses china to speed yuan appreciation(Reuters)

UBS sees big jump in the numbers of “ultra-rich” — in Asia. (Bloomberg)

Organization of central banks calls for greater coordination of global currencies (Financial Times)

Krugman rails against GOP, Fox News (again) (New York Times)

The return of AIG (Dealbook)