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9 Jobs on the Decline

Overall U.S. employment is expected to go up 10 percent in the next decade but there are some professions that are actually expected to see their ranks shrink.

The reasons vary – everything from outsourcing, to technology and the economy.

As high school seniors start scouting colleges and thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, it’s a good idea to zoom out and take a look at the broader jobs landscape – what the Fastest-Growing Jobs are but also what jobs may be disappearing, what they pay – and what some of the alternatives for a degree in that field.

Before students, their parents or their student aid drop $30,000 to $100,000 or more on college, it’s important to think about what that investment will buy you: A job with good prospects – or, a ticket to the unemployment line?

You would spend time researching a major purchase like a house or car – and it’s even more important to research your career. You know, the thing that will actually pay for the house, car and other lifestyle choices.

Here are Nine Disappearing Jobs for those with bachelor’s degrees, according to the Labor Department.

By Cindy Perman
Posted 6 Oct 2010

Photo: Mike Harrington | Photodisc | Getty Images || Source: U.S. Labor Department