Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Rich Gold Bugs Stock Up. Big Time.


Currency Wars: ( CNBC’s Jeff Cox talks exchange rates, quantitative easing, and the battle for exports.

Geithner escalates battle over weak yuan (Wall Street Journal) — without mentioning China by name. Sec. Geithner refers to the need for countries that run trade surpluses to abandon “export-oriented policies." (Quite the diplomat: If it doesn’t work out for Geithner at Treasury, perhaps they can use him at State.)

Wen fires back: (Financial Times) None to subtly warns of “disaster for the world”

Rich gold bugs stock up. Big time. (

Techs down on pessimism for chips: (Yahoo)

Fiscal Fix: Cocaine & LSD? One Harvard econ prof says yes to legalization (Yahoo)

iPhone on Verizon before January? (Wall Street Journal) (Can I throw my AT&T phone in the East River by New Year?)