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America’s Most Haunted Homes

Out of the millions of homes in the US, some carry the unique characteristic of having eternal residents, ones who pay no rent or mortgage, but are said to inhabit the home nonetheless.

To kick off the Halloween season, real estate website Zillow.comselected the most haunted homes around the country and where possible, estimated the value of these homes if they were on the open market. These homes all have dark or eerie pasts, some are privately held and others have even been recognized by the US government to be haunted.

But what can a haunting do to the value of a home? According to Stan Humphries, Chief Economist at Zillow.com, it’s a toss up. “Whether it helps or hurts a home’s appeal is largely a function of the nature of the haunting,” he says, noting that there is very little empirical data on this question. “Of course,” he says, “for a particularly macabre buyer, a house that is haunted might fetch a higher price. In real estate as in all things, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.”

So, where are the most haunted homes in the US, and how much are they worth? Click ahead to find out!

Posted Oct 31 2013

Source: Zillow's 10 Haunted Homes || Photo: William Koechling | Workbook Stock | Getty Images