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11. Amityville Horror House

Location: Amityville, NY
Estimated home value: $951,705
Notable ghost: None

Although it is the least haunted home on the list, it is a notorious home that was the scene of a horrific murder in November, 1974. The Amityville Horror House is perhaps the most “commercialized haunted house” in America.

It is where 23-year-old Ron DeFeo, Jr. killed his mother, father, two brothers and two sisters with a rifle as they slept in their beds. The Lutz family purchased the home in 1975 for $80,000, but left after 28 days in which they described many supernatural events occurring such as slime oozing down walls, strange odors, moving furniture, swarms of flies in the dead of winter, and slamming doors, to name a few.

Soon, a best-seller was born, “The Amityville Horror: A True Story,” which also subsequently generated nine movies. In reality, the Amityville story was more fiction than fact. DeFeo’s lawyer, William Weber, admitted that he along with the Lutzes “created this horror story over many bottles of wine.”

After the Lutzes moved on, several families have lived in the home for decades each and have expressed nothing horrific occurring. As a matter of fact, the home was just recently sold to a couple who report that the only thing scary about it are the people who come gawking.

By Diane Tuman, Zillow.com

Photo: Getty Images