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Most Haunted Cities in America

You’ve heard of some houses that are purported to be haunted but did you know that some cities are more prone to visitors from the past?

There are two main reasons why some cities may be more haunted than others, said Andrew Nichols, the executive director of the American Institute for Parapsychology.

First, if it’s an old city with a tremendous amount of history – a lot of southern cities fit this category – it may have a lot of, ahem, spirit.

“Locations and objects have memories, just like people have memories,” Nichols explained.

The other is geology.

“Areas that have unusual magnetic field properties are particularly conducive to ghosts and hauntings,” Nichols said.

An unusual magnetic field can be caused by everything from high-voltage power lines to the presence of seismic fault zones, flowing underground water and large concentrations of iron ore – like the red sandstone in parts of Arizona such as Sedona.

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By Cindy Perman
Posted 12 Oct 2010

Photo: Gandee Vasan | Stone | Getty Images