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In 1984, McDonald’s introduced the McDLT. It was nothing more than a hamburger with lettuce and tomato, but it was packaged in a double-sided Styrofoam container that kept “the hot side hot and the cool side cool” by storing the beef patty half in one compartment and the lettuce and tomato half in the other. The customer would then put the two sides together and experience climate-controlled nirvana on a bun.

The burger was discontinued in 1990, because of the container that was its signature feature. McDonald’s was already facing public relations problems because of the environmental unfriendliness of its standard, single clamshell packaging. Now here they were, doubling the problem. The product was withdrawn, but thanks to the Internet, we can still cherish the memory of this commercial featuring a pre-“Seinfeld” Jason Alexander extolling the McDLT’s virtues through song and dance.

Photo: Guinnesssteve