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The Noid

Like sports teams, fast food establishments have always had mascots. Domino’s Pizza created its own with an animated character known as the Noid. In television spots, this red-suited fiend would try to sabotage the pizza chain’s products, and though his dastardly plots were always foiled, the viewing audience was sternly advised to “Avoid the Noid” nonetheless.

One person who was not amused by the character was a Georgia man named Kenneth Lamar Noid. In 1989, mistakenly believing that the commercials were directed at him personally, he stormed into an Atlanta area Domino’s with a .357 Magnum and took two employees hostage. When the police arrived at the scene, Noid demanded a getaway car, $100,000 and a copy of the 1985 novel The Widow’s Son, which depicted life in an 18th century French prison. Noid finally turned himself over to authorities after a five-hour siege, and the character was eventually retired.

Photo: Domino's Pizza