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Free Iced Coffee Day

As most adults know, any establishment that puts the words “free” and “coffee” in the same sentence will do a brisk business. Representatives for Dunkin Donuts learned this the hard way in May 2010 when they announced “free iced coffee day” in celebration of their 60th anniversary.

Unfortunately, there was the small matter of the fine print, which stated that the free joe would only be offered at “participating locations” in five states. Customers in other states never got that far in the ads, and the chain was swamped with patrons who went from giddy to enraged when they realized there was no free coffee to be had. In the pre-internet age this might have led to riots and looting, but fortunately the dissatisfied customers did the 21st century equivalent and just left nasty messages on the Dunkin Donuts Facebook page.

Photo: Getty Images