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The Pizza Hut chain has never shied away from experimenting with its menu, and the list of new products that have come and gone is long. One such product was the Priazzo, a pie with two crusts that was meant to resemble a Chicago deep-dish pizza. Introduced in 1985, it was packed to the rafters with pork products galore and then topped with another layer of crust, sauce and cheese.

$15 million was spent on the ad campaign, and company vice president David Ropes was so confident of the pie’s popularity that he boldly predicted that it would generate $250 million in sales in its first year alone. However, no amount of advertising could compensate for the fact that the Priazzo simply took too much time to make for a fast food establishment. The Priazzo failed to meet expectations, and it was withdrawn after just a few years.

Photo: Rubberball | Getty Images