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America’s Scariest Jobs

Jobs today can be stressful,low paying, monotonous or downright unsatisfying,but most people would prefer those situations to a job that scares them.

Certain careers can be scary for many reasons and touch upon a variety of phobias, from the fear of death to the fear of performing in front of large crowds. Although these careers may not be scary to the people who do them on a daily basis, the general public certainly would not feel the same way.

To get a sense of the jobs that push the limit for fright, CareerCast.com,a national job portal, identified the 10 scariest jobs of 2010. The list was produced by comparing phobia rankings associated with each job to see which ones would strike the most fear into the hearts of workers.

Click ahead for the scariest jobs of 2010.

By Paul Toscano
Posted 21 Oct 2010

Source: CareerCast.com || Photo: Rainer Elstermann | Lifesize | Getty Images