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Fastest Growing Chinese Companies

When speaking of global growth, the buzzword in the markets is China. Although Chinese GDP has slowed in the past two quarters, the country has maintained an average growth rate of about 10.2% since 2006, far outstripping growth in most Western economies.

Although global markets have recovered a portion of their losses since the lows in the wake of the global financial crisis, growth in emerging markets - and especially China – stands out over this period. Despite worries of a growing real-estate bubble, a potential trade war with the west, uncertainty in relations with regional neighbors and a domestic currency that faces international pressure, many Chinese equities are continuing their upward trajectory at an astonishing rate.

Since Jan. 1, 2009, out of the 879 components on the Shanghai Composite Index, 24 have experienced share price growth of over 500 percent, while 553 companies have seen share price growth above 100 percent. Over this period, the Shanghai Index is up 55%, while the NYSE Composite is up 14 percent. Only one US stock, Ford Motor (+717 percent), can rival the share price appreciation of the fastest-growing Chinese companies. But even Ford would still only just crack Shanghai's top 10.

The fastest growing Chinese companies are listed here as the firms with the highest share price appreciation from market close on Dec. 31, 2008 through Jan. 12, 2011 on the Shanghai Composite Index. These companies must also have a current share price above $3 (USD). All prices and market caps are displayed in US dollars.

By Paul Toscano& Giovanny Moreano
Updated 14 Jan 2011

Photo: Image Source | Getty Images