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9. Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric

Share growth: 634%
Sector: Materials
Share price: $5.19
Market cap: $1.97 billion

Established in 1999, the stock was first listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001. The company manufactures power transmission and electrical equipment. They are the flagship firm owned by Tianjin Benefo Machinery and Electric Industrial Holding Group, and according to the company they currently have 1,400 employees and have been identified as the most competitive corporation in the Chinese electrical equipment industry.

Benefo has provided products and services to a series of major projects in China, including the Three Gorges Dam,the Beijing Capital International Airportand the Jiuquan & Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, according to the company. Benefo also offers its services to the US and other countries outside China through networks such as Alibaba.com.

Photo: Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric