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8. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN

“Minneapolis is probably one of the most progressive, greenest cities and the folks are really polite in that Midwestern way,” Sperling said.

Minneapolis-St. Paul,also known as the “Twin Cities,” and the southern suburb of Bloomington, have a very low crime rate, a lot of colleges and arts and cultural institutions, all of which add to a great quality of life.

Minneapolis is the third largest theater market in the U.S., behind New York and Chicago, Bloomington is home to the famous Mall of America, the largest mall in the U.S. It’s home to the Minnesota Vikings football team and Minnesota Twins baseball team, and, it’s one of the most literate metropolitan areas in America.

Housing prices and the cost of living are slightly higher than the national average but the unemployment rate is 7 percent, well below the national average of 10.2 percent.

Indeedranks it as the No. 12 job market, with two applicants for every job available.

Companies That Are Hiring Now: UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, 3M, Target (office jobs) and Thomson Reuters, according to Indeed.com.

Photo: Anne Rippy | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images