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Metro Areas With The Highest Foreclosure Rates

The ten metropolitan areas with the highest foreclosure rates all come from just four states: Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada. That's according to foreclosure listing website Reatlytrac, which released it's third quarter data Thursday. While the metro areas are still have foreclosure rates much higher than the national average, they did some improvement from the same quarter a year ago, mainly because they are coming off "very high levels," said Realtytrac Vice President Rick Sharga.Clic

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Top Metro Foreclosure Rates

With the nation's foreclosure crisis looking messier than ever with threats of lawsuits and government investigations in mortgage lenders, there's at least one bright spot in the picture.

Most of the ten metropolitan areas with the highest foreclosure rates in the nation showed improvement in the third quarter, according to new data from foreclosure listing website RealtyTrac.

The rates are down from "very high levels," says Realtytrac Vice President Rick Sharga.

In fact, all of the metro areas, which happen in be in just four states—Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada—still have much higher rates than the national average of one in every 139 households.

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By Joseph Pisani
Updated Oct. 28, 2010

Photo credit: Getty Images