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Top Charitable Causes in Asia 2010

A young girl holds a baby goat in a slum area near a newly dug roadway in April 22, 2009 where agricultural areas she and members of twelve families have been farming for four generations will be forced to vacate for the 2010 Commonwealth Games being constructed in some of the last green belt areas of New Delhi, India.

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Top Charitable Causes in Asia 2010

Recent natural disasters in Asia have caught the attention of many around the world.

Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano erupted with renewed ferocity on Sunday, pushing the death toll to over 120, while the floods in Pakistan, which began in late July, have displaced over 20 million people.

Many around the world are now finding ways to help those affected by natural disasters. Others are also continuing to give to countries with rising poverty rates. Roughly 62 percent of India's population live in slums, a New York Times report said citing a recent study.

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By Elvina Simpson
Nov 8, 2010

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