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What's On: GM and Harrah's IPOs, Dell and Vail Resorts


Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--We're watching General Motors shares closely. Yesterday they closed slightly above where they opened... not exactly what Wall Street was hoping for. Regardless it is a successful IPO.

--We're telling you about another company, that's not having an IPO this morning, Harrah's or Caesar's Entertainment has decided to delay its offering. We couldn't make it to Vegas baby, but we'll be live in Atlantic City, New Jersey, I hope you'll place your bets with Squawk on the Street.

--Also this morning, Dell after last night's solid earnings report.  The company also raising its forecast. Ann Taylor reporting numbers this morning along with Heinz, we're watching both closely.

--And a little bit of fun. We're putting two of our favorite things together... money and skiing.  We'll meet one analyst who says shares of Vail Resorts are about to really take a ride up the lift.

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