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Tax Breaks About To Disappear

Think the Bush tax-cut debate doesn't apply to you? Think again.

Unless Congress hammers out an agreement on extending a whole range of tax breaks beyond this year, many Americans will soon find it more expensive to be married, have a child, send them to college or buy an energy-efficient car. And it will be a lot more expensive to die next year—at least for your heirs.

The Bush tax cuts have received the most attention because they have the widest impact—affecting personal income, capital gains and dividends. But there are a whole host of other tax breaks—some adopted by President Obama—that will expire if Congress fails to break its ideological gridlock and agree on a tax plan.

So, which tax cuts are set to disappear next year? Click ahead to find out!

By Mia Lamar
Posted 1 Dec 2010

Source: The United States Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service and the Congressional Budget Office || Photo: Rubberball | Mike Kemp | Getty Images