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In Pictures: The Edible Marijuana Market


Edible Pot

Medical marijuana is getting the culinary treatment. In states where it's legal, small businesses offering cannabis-infused foods are popping up. Products include lasagna, soda, ice cream and cookies. So far 15 states and Washington D.C. have legalized medical marijuana.

Edible medical marijuana products are favored by patients who don’t want to smoke or need to medicate themselves more discreetly.

Since marijuana of any kind is still illegal federally, these food companies can only manufacture and sell their products within their home states. And state law says they have to sell them through state-sanctioned dispensaries to patients who have a state issued medical marijuana card.

From candy to cookbooks, take a look at entrants in the edible marijuana market.

By Joseph Pisani
Posted Dec. 9, 2010

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Carbonated drinks by Colorado-based Dixie Elixirs & Medibles come in seven different flavors, from sparkling pomegranate to blueberry to grapefruit. A bottle usually sells for about $10 at medical marijuana dispensaries. A half bottle is the recommended dosage amount.

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Ice Cream

Mile High Ice Cream in Colorado makes ice cream flavors such as Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pot Tart, Birthday Baked and Ganja Mint Chocolate Chip.

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Take Out Restaurant

Ganja Gourmet is a take out restaurant and dispensary in Denver, Colo. that serves everything from medical marijuana-infused pizza to lasagna to cheesecake. When the restaurant first opened a year ago, patients were allowed to eat inside the establishment, but since then laws have prohibited on site consumption.

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Medical Marijuana Cookbook

San Francisco resident Sandy Moriarty has turned her medical marijuana cooking class at Oaksterdam University into a cookbook offering recipes for everything from zucchini soup to pork chops. One of the recipes in the book is for her popular lemon bars (pictured on the cover) that she also sells to a nearby dispensary. They go for $10 each. She bakes 500 hundred of them a week, and they sell out quickly.

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Fruit Lozenges

Pot goes tropical. These fruit lozenges, from Dixie Elixirs & Medibles, come in flavors such as mango pineapple and orange. The company says that one should be enough to offer pain relief for most patients.

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Cannabis Butter

The base ingredient in most of these recipes is cannabutter — a mixture of cannabis and melted butter which is then hardened. Schools such as Med Grow Cannabis College in Michigan teach students how to make the butter. Once the butter is made, it can be added to virtually any recipe.

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The popcorn by Colorado-based Mile High Ice Cream has five doses in one bag and comes in various flavors from Caramel Corn and Butter Corn.

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Nancy B’s Edible Medicine

The Colorado-based company, founded by Jenelise Robinson, makes marijuana edibles such as peanut butter cups, cupcakes and brownies that are sold to dispensaries.

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