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Terminated Before Their Time

In television, the cancelled show is a common thing. Audience tastes are notoriously hard to predict, so every network is bound to produce its share of losers as well as winners.

However, some shows fall so short of the mark that the network terminates them before all of the existing episodes have aired. Some are pulled due to low ratings, and some because they’ve created more controversy than anyone bargained for.

But what they all have in common is a network whose higher-ups decided they were better off giving a show an early demise, and hopefully that would allow them to cover their tracks before anybody noticed. A noble goal, to be sure, but unfortunately for them, we noticed.

And so, we bring you 15 shows that were terminated before their time.

By Daniel BukzspanPosted Dec 10 2010

Photo: Steven Errico | Digital Vision | Getty Images