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Viva Laughlin (2007)

Cancelled after 2 episodes

Based on the popular BBC series Blackpool, CBS’ Viva Laughlin was a comedy drama with musical numbers. Starring both Melanie Griffith and executive producer Hugh Jackman, the show concerned the trials and tribulations of a high-rolling businessman in his attempts to open a casino in Laughlin, Nevada. Despite its talented cast and lavish production values, the response to the show was uniformly negative, typified by Newsday’s description of it as “jaw-droppingly wrongheaded.”

The show debuted with 8.4 million viewers, a nearly two-thirds drop-off from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the show immediately preceding it. This means that 16.8 million people collectively decided to find something else to do the instant the show started. The series was cancelled after two episodes, a humiliating experience for the show’s creators, to be sure. However, in Jackman’s own home country of Australia, it didn’t even get that far. It was cancelled the day after its first episode aired.

Photo: Sony Pictures Television