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Pink Lady & Jeff (1980)

Cancelled after 5 episodes

While most cancelled television shows revolve around several bad ideas, Pink Lady and Jeff focused on a single bad idea and hammered it into the ground. American comedian Jeff Altman co-hosted the show with Pink Lady, a pair of popular Japanese female singers. It featured comedy sketches that focused exclusively on the Pink Ladies’ inability to speak English, and Altman’s comical translations thereof. That was it.

To its credit, the show featured guest appearances by such notable musical talents as Blondie and Alice Cooper. However, NBC seemed to believe that the musical acts were not worth sitting through the show to watch, and they cancelled it after only five episodes had aired. It’s since gone on to become legendary in the annals of bad television, making it onto TV Guide’s list of the 50 worst television shows of all time. However, it was successful in one respect --- it was released on DVD in 2001 and quickly went out of print, and now an unopened copy in mint condition will fetch more than $50 on Amazon.com.

Photo: Krofft Entertainment