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Top 10 Dorm-Room Ventures

Who says you need a college degree to start a business? Plenty of people can’t bear to wait that long, so they launch their companies long before graduation day.

While the success of these dorm-room ventures can vary widely, there are plenty of student—and former student—entrepreneurs who have become household names.

Of course, the most famous one these days is probably Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. But many more over the past 50 or so years have become so ingrained in American, if not worldwide, culture that we almost take their impact for granted. After all, Google has become a verb, right?

Granted, there is a name here you may not recognize. But that doesn’t make its story any less spectacular.

So, as a nod to CNBC’s “The Facebook Obsession,” we collected what we think of as a top 10 list of these landmark companies. Read on for some inspiration.

Posted 3 January 2011

Photo: Wikipedia