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The Best Jobs in America 2011

There are a slew of jobs in demand right now, but that doesn’t make them the best jobs.

Of course, the job outlook for hiring is important, but when it comes to determining which jobs are the absolute best, there’s also the working environment, the salary, how physically demanding the job is and how stressful it is.

CareerCast took all of those criteria and came up with their list of the Best Jobs in America for 2011.

Two threads run through the list of best jobs – those that involve technology and those that involve statistics and number crunching, said Tony Lee, the publisher of CareerCast. Plus, “a college education played a large role in this year’s rankings,” Lee said.

So what are the best jobs for 2011? Click through to find out. And stay tuned to CNBC.com next week when we count down the worst jobs in America.

By Cindy Perman
Posted 6 Jan 2011