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Surprising Cities with Job Openings

The cities that will be hiring the most workers in 2011 aren’t necessarily among those with the most people, according to just-released data from the online career community and jobs resource CareerBliss.

“Outranking the city of Houston, Baltimore owes its growth to their heavy concentration of jobs in the health, science and technology industries,” says Heidi Golledge, co-founder and CEO of CareerBliss. “When looking for a new career opportunity in 2011, is vital to keep in mind not only the job and industry type, but location.”

The data reveals that Baltimore is not alone in besting larger cities for job growth; cities with either mid-size populations—under 500,000—or metro areas with populations under one million residents are well represented in the rankings. As a rule of thumb, cities employing the following top professions will be hiring: information technology, sales, engineering, marketing, healthcare, accounting, management, manufacturing, quality control, and health care. Click ahead to see ten such cities that will be hiring a lot this year.

Data presented here is provided by CareerBliss and is drawn from their annual job listings ranking.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 11 Jan 2011

Source: CareerBliss || Photo: Bill Varie | Getty Images