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18 Cars That Keep Their Value

By the time it’s five years old, the average vehicle’s value has dropped by about 66%. The editors of Kelley Blue Bookcompile an annual list of those vehicles that best hold their value, based on supply and demand as well as current and projected future market conditions.

The 2011 brand for overall best resale value is Subaru, which are expected to be worth 39% of their purchase price after five years of ownership. The best resale make for luxury cars is BMW, with 37.1% expected value retention after five years.

As for the standouts among specific models, click ahead to view Kelley Blue Book’s winners in every category, from subcompact on up to full-size pickup and over to luxury. (Note: Resale values listed are taken from Kelley Blue Book's website and are calculated based on list price, not MSRP.)

By Colleen Kane
Posted 19 Jan 2011

Photo: Steve Gorton | Dorling Kindersley RF | Getty Images