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Cars Designed For Gen Y

Between 2011 and 2020, a new generation of car owners will arrive on American roads and in American car dealerships seeking their first set of wheels.

On display in the North American International Auto Show, global car manufacturers are preparing for the shifting trends with a host of new designs and features catering specifically to members of Generation Y.

To get a sense of the new cars that are best for Generation Y, CNBC.com asked Karl Brauer, Senior Analyst & Editor at Large at Edmunds.comfor his top picks on this year’s models that are most directed towards the new generation. Grab those new drivers while they're young, and you have the potential to build brand loyalty and secure future sales.

“Whether engrossed in Facebook updates or just texting their current location, today’s youth expect communication and connection to be as much as part of the driving experience as tuning a radio station or filling up the tank,” says Brauer, “they may not plan to fill a tank at all but instead simply plug in a power cord, using their car as simply another (larger) electronic device.”

So, which cars are expected to appeal most to Generation Y? Click ahead for the list!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 20 Jan 2011

Source: Edmunds.com|| Photo: General Motors