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Thermal Imaging Gun

Professionals have been able to see through your walls for years to detect energy leaks or water leaks, but now, the thermal-imaging guns they use are starting to become more mass marketed so any of us can buy them.

“These things are unbelievable!” Thompson said. “YOU can take a picture of a wall or roof and basically see beneath the surface.”

One such product, that’s reasonably priced at around $50, is the Black and Decker thermal leak detector(pictured left), which allows you to check for any energy leaks. It’s basically an infrared thermometer, which detects surface temperatures and an LED light changes color when it comes on hot or cold spots.

The full-on thermal guns are also becoming more affordable, like the Flir i5,said Nigel Maynard, a senior editor at Builder Magazine.The gun, which is down to $1,500 from $5,000, allows users to not only detect energy leaks but water problems, electrical faults and other problems behind the wall.

These products are not only cool, they save you money on hefty contractor fees and your energy bill. Not to mention, it saves you from putting needless holes in the wall to see what’s going on back there!

Photo: Black and Decker