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Get Treated Like a VIP for Going Green

Companies and cities are offering so many rewards for people who do green things, you'll no longer feel like a hippy for going green, you'll feel like a VIP!

As you go through your day doing green things, you may be handed free breakfast, cash and other VIP swag. In some places they’re starting to offer special driving and parking privileges. Heck, one Olympic town is so serious about their green, they’ll give you a gold medal!

"Incentivizing green behaviors is one of the most effective ways to engage people in making these changes in a real and meaningful way,” said Jennifer Berry, a spokesperson for Earth911.com, an online directory for recycling information. "Everyone who participates in sustainability, even in small ways in their everyday life, is a VIP … so everyone should be treated like an eco-star!”

Click ahead to find out about some of the coolest perks for going green.

Photo: Deborah Harrison | Photographer's Choice RF| Getty Images