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Scenes From The Middle East

Egypt's unrest has become the focus of the world's attention, with foreign and domestic pressure mounting each day, and on February 11th the Egyptian government announced that President Hosni Mubarak step down from the presidency. The move was met by celebration in the streets of the country and positive reactions from global markets.

Beginning with political unrest in Tunisia, riots, protests and uprisings against governments have spread across North Africa and the Middle East. Now, Bahrain, Yemen and Iran have staged similiar protests which have escalated and are being met with resistance from these governments. Although the protests range from non-violent to direct conflicts with security personnel, the scenes from these demonstrations are highly dramatic.

Unrest in Tunisia was sparked when a young man set himself on fire and eventually died. In the wake of this incident, the situation quickly got out of control. In the week since, Tunisia's President has fled the country, with similar self-immolation in places like Egypt, Algeria and Mauritania.

For images from protests that have occured across the Middle East over the past several weeks, click ahead.

Updated 15 Mar 2011