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Famous family business feuds

Tory Burch and Chris Burch in 2005

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Tory and Chris Burch

Fashion designer Tory Burch famously fell out with her ex-husband, and co-founder of her eponymous clothing brand, Chris Burch twice: First on a personal level back in 2006, when they divorced three years after founding her company and a decade after they wed, and then again—professionally—in late 2012, when the two sued and countersued each other.

Chris initiated the legal tussle with a suit for "breach of contract and interference with the sale of his shares of the company." (Each owned a 28.3 percent stake in Tory Burch LLC, which boasts annual sales of more than $800 million.) He reportedly wanted to sell his holdings and move on top focus on the new C. Wonder stores he'd founded. Tory parried that legal joust with claims Chris was infringing on her distinctive business model with the very similar C. Wonder product. The erstwhile couple hashed out their professional, if not personal, differences in early 2013, agreeing to settle all pending legal claims against one another. Chris reportedly sold half his shares in his ex-wife's company but still retained a 15 percent stake—perhaps unintentionally doing Tory a favor: The sale made her a billoinaire.

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