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“When you think of really romantic travel, you don’t think of Iceland,” Schlichter said, which makes it perfect for traveling alone!

“It’s got cool culture, cool landscape with all the waterfalls and strange formations – it’s fascinating to explore,” she added. “And, it’s not so hard to do it alone!”

The sights: You can’t go to Iceland without going to the Blue Lagoon Spa,a massive 10,000-square foot outdoor geothermal bath surrounded by snow-capped lava rocks. The water, known for its healing properties, is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! ($35) Nordic Visitoroffers packages to Iceland that include the Blue Lagoon, boiling mud pots and, depending on the season, the Northern Lights (winter) or the Midnight Sun (summer).

The cost: Prices for airfare and a three-night hotel stay are up a whopping 70 percent from last year, Expedia reports. Though, Maps of the World notes that fares are cheapest Tuesday through Thursday.

Photo: Blue Lagoon