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10. Los Angeles, CA

Speed traps: 151

Los Angeles is a great example of speed limits not matching at all what traffic patterns indicate is a safe speed — which is how they’re supposed to be determined.

Most of the speed traps are on the boulevards in the valley, my L.A.-based colleague Jane Wells, who writes the Funny Businessblog, says. “The speed limit is 35 but if you actually drove that, you’d get mowed down!” Wells says.

Fines and surcharges for speeding or failing to have proof of insurance can approach $1,400, the NMA reports. And good luck fighting a ticket in L.A. It’s always been tough, but with the city teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, motorists don’t have a chance.

“If you walk into a courtroom, because of the massive deficits at every level, they can’t let a breathing person walk out without taking their money!” Dornsife said.

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