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5. Jacksonville, FL

Speed traps: 175

Florida takes the prize for the state where motorists are most likely to get a speeding ticket, according to a survey last year by the NMA.

One man told News4Jax.comthat he wasn’t surprised. “I probably passed 30 cops on the way down here, so they were sitting there waiting to get everybody that's for sure," he said.

Jacksonville, in particular, is known for speed traps where multiple drivers are pulled over at once, often by unmarked police cars, and motorists can be charged for going 5 mph over the limit. And, they get low marks on informing motorists of the speed limits.

“Many of their streets are horribly underposted,” Dornsife said of Jacksonville. “Some of the signs they use there aren’t even legal devices – they’re supposed to be a particular size, format and shape,” he said.

Photo: Wikimedia commons