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State Duma (Russia)

The State Duma is the lower house of Russian parliament, and it has been criticized in the past as being nothing more than a rubber stamp for President Dmitry Medvedev’s initiatives. This perception was reinforced in May 2010 when a new law regarding drunk driving passed the house on its first reading with 440 out of 450 votes. A landslide! However, there was one small problem. Only 88 deputies had shown up for work that day.

A video made the Ren TV news that showed the deputies running from vacant seat to vacant seat, pushing the voting buttons of their absent colleagues. The report claimed that in the twenty seconds in which ballots were cast, it was possible that deputies could have voted as much as nine times. The video was also immortalized on YouTube, allowing millions of people to view the flagrant abuse of Russian parliamentary procedure.

Photo: Alexey Sazonov | AFP | Getty Images