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Cuba Gooding, Jr.

In the 1996 film Jerry Maguire, Rod Tidwell, a football player portrayed by Cuba Gooding, Jr., utters the line “Show Me The Money!” Those four simple words turned into one of the most oft-repeated catchphrases ever. Gooding won the Oscar for his portrayal of Tidwell, and between the award and the nonstop repetition of the catchphrase, he appeared destined for show business immortality.

It didn’t happen. This was in part because Gooding followed up the Oscar-winning performance with appearances in highly questionable movies, such as Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor and the homophobic comedy Boat Trip, which Roger Ebert described as “so bad in so many different ways, not only does it offend gays, it offends everyone else." The movie earned Gooding a Golden Raspberry nomination, but luckily for him he had the good fortune to be in competition for the award with Ben Affleck, who had starred in that year’s Razzie-sweeping Gigli.

Photo: Jerry Maguire | TriStar Pictures