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BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW's two-seated Vision ConnectedDrive roadster concept features the best in emerging auto tech. With an advanced 3D head-up display in the winshield, drivers receive information about their car, the car's environment and their passenger all in one spot. Sensors and cameras placed in the head and taillights monitor the car's surroundings and notify the driver of potential threats. The driver-side display interprets environmental information and provides the driver with suggestions on how to avoid danger.

Passengers, on the other hand, have access to movies, music and the Web from their side of the car. Certain display options, like music, can be shared between passenger and driver with one touch.

Along with sci-fi-like electronics, the car also features an incredibly sleek design. Layers in the car's body partially expose the technology beneath, giving the car a unique look from every angle. Fiber-optic lighting calls attention to the different sections of the vehicle and provide a high-tech visual effect.

ConnectedDrive powertrain details are still forthcoming. But regardless of that fact, we're sure any superhero would be pumped to drive this baby.

Photo: Sebastian Derungs | AFP | Getty Images